I would like to register to attend the Father and Son Shabbos.

Fathers Full Name: 

Email Address:

I am the Father of Talmid/im: 

I am still not sure if I am coming for the Shabbos. 

Arrival and Departure Information:

Arrival Date: 

Approximate Arrival Time:

Departure Date:  

Approximate Departure Time:

Please arrange a place for me to sleep for the following nights:
 Thursday Night
 Friday Night
 Motzai Shabbos
 Sunday Night

I would prefer to stay together with:  

I would prefer to be placed at:

Last Father and Son Shabbos I attended in Chicago I stayed at: 

I do not have any preferences.   

 I have/will arrange a place to stay for Shabbos, and will be staying at:

Please write any special requests you may have.:  

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