For your convenience and to assure that all Talmidim have the same print and type of Gemora, as well as the other Seforim, we have arranged with “”, that parents of Chicago Mesivta Talmidim can click on the link below and order all the Seforim that their sons will need in Mesivta. The Seforim will be shipped directly to Mesivta. The prices for the Seforim that are being offered are at or below the store retail price. They will be in your son's locker when he arrives to Mesivta. This will make things very easy for you, as you can go online to one place, click and order all your son’s Seforim.

Of course, you are free to purchase the Seforim wherever you wish, and your son can bring them with him or you can ship them to Mesivta and they will be put away for him. If you are purchasing the Seforim by another vendor, please ensure that they match the description on the Seforim list. If you are shipping Seforim to Mesivta please have them sent to: 2756 W. Morse Ave. Chicago, IL 60645 and make sure your son’s name is on the box.

If you choose to order with "", click on the link below, select the Seforim that you would like to purchase, when checking out, you don't need to make an account just click on continue as guest. By the shipping information enter the Mesivta address which is: 2756 West Morse Ave. Chicago, IL 60645 hit continue and you will see an option on the bottom that says "Chicago Mesivta" chose that option and proceed to payment. There is a $3 flat fee for shipping.

Please note: the last day to order through this option will be Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Click here to order Seforim