Before requesting permission, please become acquainted with Mesivta's "taking off" Policy and ensure that your request is within the guidelines below. If an exception to the guidelines below is necessary, please email Rabbi Halberstam at [email protected] first and check with him before submitting the form. The link to the form is at the end of the policy statement below.

Many families בלעה"ר have a lot of Simchas. Of course, everyone wants the entire family to be present by all gatherings. However, having Talmidim leave Mesivta to go for every event that parents or Talmidim deem necessary, disrupts the flow of Mesivta, and hurts the Talmidim individually and collectively. Bringing your son home for a Simcha and the like should be reserved for one that you deem necessary.

To deal with all this there is a clear policy in place. Please understand that decisions made in these areas are for the benefit of your son and the Mesivta.

Please note that under this policy we combine Friday and Shabbos as one full Yeshiva day as you will see below.

Simchas have been divided into two categories: Type A and Type B.

Type A Simchas include Bar Mitzvas, L’chaims and Chassunas of siblings, uncles, and aunts. A Bochur will be given automatic permission for Type A Simchas, without any yearly limit, in the following manner: For a Bar Mitzva or L’chaim, and Chasuna of a non-sibling a Bochur may miss up to 2 full Yeshiva days including travel. For example: If the Bar Mitzva or L’chaim is on a Tuesday night, the Talmid may leave anytime on Tuesday and must be back at Mesivta no later than 9:00pm Wednesday night. If the Simcha is on Thursday night, the Talmid may leave anytime Thursday and must return to Mesivta by Sunday morning by 10:00am. Likewise, if the Simcha is Sunday night he may leave any time on Friday and must be back by 10:00am Monday morning. For a Siblings Chassuna, a Talmid may miss up to 6 full days, including days of travel. For example: if the Chassuna is on a Tuesday night, the Talmid may leave any time on Monday and return to Mesivta by Sunday night by 9:00pm.

Parents must request permission for any travel plans at least 2 weeks in advance, (unless it was not known earlier).

Type B Simchas include a cousin’s wedding or immediate family and other gatherings that the parents deem extremely necessary for their son to attend. They are subject to the following limitations: 

  1. There is a limit of 1 per year. (In rare occasions and extenuating circumstances, it may be allowed a second time in one year).
  2. A Talmid who has already gone for three or more Type A Simchas will not be allowed to go. 
  3. The parents must notify the Mesivta of this no less than two weeks in advance. 
  4. Type A and B Simchas may not be combined.
  5. The amount of time allotted will be the same as for a Type A Bar Mitzva / L’chaim.

Please Note: “Time of Return” means that the Talmid is on the Yeshiva premises at that time. Talmidim are required to make up all material missed during absence for Simchos; for any exceptions (such as an extended stay like a Chassuna etc.) the Talmid must speak to his teacher before leaving for the Simcha.

To receive permission for your son to leave for a Simcha, please e-mail Rabbi Halberstam. In your e-mail, please include the dates of the Simcha and exactly when you would like for permission for your son to leave. Please do not text Rabbi Halberstam for permissions.

If parent would like their son (or feels that their son needs to be home) for any other reason other than a family Simcha, please contact Rabbi Halberstam.

To request permission please click here