Shiur Bais Seforim List 5779/80



גמרא מסכת קידושין
Gemora Mesechta Kidushin

We will be using the עוז והדר מורחבת Gemora.

קובץ מפרשים על מסכת קידושין
Kovetz Meforshim on Mesechta Kidushin

We are using the:
קובץ מפרשים על מסכת קידושין - כלילת יופי

גמרא מסכת קידושין
Second Gemora Mesechta Kidushin

Thinner Talmidim Addition
תניא (דפוס גדול)– Large Tanya 
and Lessons in Tanya Vol. #1.
Lessons of Tanya can be in English or Yiddish

ספר דרך מצותיך
Derech Mitzvosecha

ספר המאמרים קונטרסים א
Sefer Hamaamorim Kuntraisim vol. 1

שלחן ערוך אדמו"ר הזקן חלק א
Shulchan Oruch Vol. 1


מחזור השלם - Machzor Hasholeim (Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur)


סליחות - Slichos - Large or Small (Student's choice)


We are assuming your son already has these Seforim in Mesivta from last year. In case not, all Talmidim should have a Chumash corresponding the Sedra being read during those weeks (i.e. during Elul, Chumash Devorim, Cheshvon through Nissan, Chumash Bereshis/Shmos/Vayikra etc.), with translation in any language your son understands. Each Talmid should also have a Chitas and Rambam for one or three daily chapters (depending on what he learns); Chayenu or Dvar Malchus can be ordered to Mesivta. Every Talmid should bring twenty dollars with them to purchase the required school supplies. Each class may need something different, they will be told by their teachers what they need and will be able to buy these items it at Mesivta.